Android news #192: news of the week and the algorithms for proxy authentication Google

We present to your attention the 192nd edition of our weekly project “news Android“! Today we will talk about important updates and how Google can identify the user. Below, with the same news you can find in a traditional text format.

Yandex Phone officially

5 Dec Yandex introduced its first smartphone. Among the main distinguishing characteristics, apart from having Alice and deep integration with other services, the company can mention the Snapdragon processor 630, a separate audio chip, which provides better quality sound processing, headphone Jack, 64 GB internal and 4 GB of RAM, as well as gifts from Yandex in the form of discounts, bonuses and subscriptions to services.

Another feature of the smartphone from many competitors is the availability of NFC out of the box which allows you to work not only with Yandex Money, but also to use other cards for cashless payment.

Deep integration with Google services will not go away, as the smartphone runs on Android, and Yandex just couldn’t pass them by, but users will benefit from this. The smartphone runs on Android 8.1, but soon upgraded to the ninth version.

Fast charging, which is provided in the smartphone, it is difficult to call really fast, as it loses many modern, though more expensive, smartphones. 17 minutes smartphone to score 20% charge per hour — 70 percent, and for a half hour — 90, Recharged via USB Type-C and the battery capacity of 3050 mAh.

Presents the top chip for Android-flagships 2019

During the second day of the event Qualcomm Tech Summit in 2018, which took place on this nella in Hawaii, the company Qualcomm has presented the flagship chipset of the new generation Snapdragon 855. The latest development of American enterprise is the first commercial “stone” in the history-enabled networks of the fifth generation, and is designed for flagship smartphones that only have to go in 2019, blowing up the market with their capabilities.

Snapdragon 855 built for 7-nm process technology, which allowed the manufacturer to fit on the Board record the number of transistors. The use of most advanced process technology provided the “stone” high energy efficiency coupled with productivity increases.

According to a statement Qualcomm, Snapdragon 855 thanks to high-performance processor Kryo can boast a 45% increase in processing power compared to previous generation chip, and a 20 percent increase in graphics performance thanks to Adreno 640. Such high rates will provide a better experience in mobile gaming, when processing video and images, as well as in the process of working with augmented reality.

In 855 Snapdragon Qualcomm engineers have improved compatibility with artificial intelligence by its processing engine the AI Engine of the fourth generation. According to the manufacturer, it is able to carry up to 7 trillion operations per second, which is three times higher than Snapdragon 845. From this stems the extensive features Snapdragon 855 in the field of computer vision, which allows him to process the objects in augmented reality, to cope better with the graphics rendering and better recognize the objects in the frame with photos and video.

In addition, the progressive algorithms Snapdragon 855 bring native support for the new shooting modes. Of most notable mention is shooting video in portrait mode, the ability to blur the background in real time, as well as advanced HDR.

Special attention deserves the Elite Gaming technology, which is actually a package of technologies, including Vulkan API 1.1, advanced color correction function image, and also special algorithms to prevent decreasing the frame rate. It is expected that Elite Gaming bring mobile games to your Android smartphones to a new level.

By default, Snapdragon 855 will come with LTE modem X24, which can be replaced with a 5G-compatible X50. Thus Qualcomm is expected to provide manufacturers the opportunity to save on optimization of corporate vehicles for operation in the networks of the fifth generation, using a proven, albeit less innovative standard of the previous generation. And those who decide to equip their smartphones with support for 5G, will find an incredible speed boost of up to 2 Gbps, Qualcomm promises.

But Snapdragon 855 able to please not only the speed of mobile connection, but Wi-Fi. Support 802.11 ay the chipset provides the opportunity to develop the speed of data transfer over a wireless connection to a record 10 Gbit/s.

Google learned how to follow users in an unusual way

Personalitywe Google search results for each user, even if it is not authorized in your account or in incognito mode. This conclusion was made by researchers of the search engine DuckDuckGo, conducted their own experiment. According to its results it became clear that Google, obviously, even without the authorization understands, who comes from a search query and include in the results only those results that are of interest to the author.

According to the results of a study conducted by DuckDuckGo, Google, using a known only to her methods of tracking users, forming for them individual search results. So the search giant has to remove the alternative information which does not coincide with the worldview of the user.

This, the researchers believe DuckDuckGo, not only has a negative impact on vital position of the user, preventing the introduction with alternative points of view, but also evidence of constant surveillance, for which Google no longer needs the approval of their “victims”.

According to one version, the search giant keeps track of the identity of the particular user with the help of artificial intelligence, which captures features of typing on the keyboard. Such method of identification, as the researchers note, is not less reliable than the procedure of fingerprinting or reading of the iris.

Google’s official position is contrary to the conclusions drawn by the researchers DuckDuckGo. According to representatives of the search giant’s search results depends on many factors and ranked in accordance with the operation of complex algorithms, which in the formation result take into account variables such as place, time and occurring in a specific location of the event. While personalization in the formation of issuance is the least significant, which can be reduced to the absolute minimum, says Google.

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