Android news #189: Q & Android news from OnePlus

We present to your attention the 189th edition of our weekly project “Android news”! Today we talk about Android Q updates from OnePlus and more. Below, with the same news you can find in a traditional text format.

Google introduced an application for image compression

Google introduced its application for image compression The release took place in the framework of the conference the developers of Chrome Dev, which is currently taking place in San Francisco. Unlike most analogues, the decision of the search giant is actually a web application, which once installed can compress directly on your device, even if it is not connected to the Internet.

According to the creators, Squoosh can run without Internet connection after the initial download of the website. For users of mobile devices and is offered the option to install on the desktop icon, clicking on which will open the service interface. The advantage of this approach is that the images are not loaded on the remote server, thereby reducing the time required for image compression.

Despite the fact that all computing is compression produced locally, Squoosh offers the user a wide range of editing tools and a choice of image formats after conversion and compression. And thanks to the maximum visibility of the available elements to assess the changes that will occur with the image after processing by algorithms, can be even before their entry into force.

Galaxy F in question

Folding flagship Galaxy F, the announcement of which was held November 7 in San Francisco, will be far from the most technologically advanced smartphone of Samsung Electronics. About it reports South Korean publication ETNews, citing sources close to the manufacturer. At least, ascertain the sources, the device will support networks of the fifth generation, despite Samsung plans to start the supply thereof in the first half of 2019.

The reluctance of Samsung to equip Galaxy F support 5G dictated by the unwillingness of the majority of Telecom operators to launch this technology. According ETNews, only a few operators (almost all of them are from the USA) will launch the fifth generation networks in 2019, while the remaining will make it not earlier than the 2020-2021 year. In this regard, decided to Samsung, it make sense to equip folding the flagship of the most advanced modem virtually none.

However, according to ETNews, Samsung is not abandoning plans to start production of 5G smartphones next year. The first such device will be the Galaxy S10, the release of which is expected to close by February 2019.

Android Q for all

The option to install a beta version of Android Q will receive not only the owners of smartphones Google and close to the search giant brands, but also many other devices that have no relationship to the Android One. It is reported by AndroidAuthority, with reference to the representatives of the search giant.

According to the publication, access to early access to Android Q will be open for all smartphones with support of modular architecture Project Treble.Architecture Project Treble, allowing to separate high-level from low-level, which depends on manufacturers of processors will allow you to start distributing the beta Android Q among all compatible smartphones. Thus Google will be able to get even closer to Apple, which does not restrict access to preliminary assemblies of the updates for anyone, spreading the appropriate profile among everyone.

Despite Google plans to launch truly massive beta testing program, from a technical point of view, it may be difficult to implement, says the developer, who spoke to AndroidAuthority. To do this, the search giant will have to facilitate software with the operating system, to encourage third-party vendors to begin to adapt it for branded devices.

OnePlus Plans

Next year, OnePlus is planning to launch a new line of smartphones that do not have a direct relationship to an existing one. It is reported the Spanish version of the publication CNET, citing official representatives of the manufacturer, who agreed to reveal some details. The first representative of the model range, as promised, will be one of the first 5G smartphones in the world and the first device in the range OnePlus support this technology.

Despite the fact that the OnePlus representatives confirmed to journalists of the edition CNET its intention to develop a new line of smartphones directly, according to them, the debut smartphone with a 5G will not OnePlus 7, whose release is tentatively planned in early next year.

Possible intention OnePlus to release a smartphone belonging to the new model range, obviously. Support for fifth generation networks will require from the producer a hefty cost-not only to the modem itself, which is very expensive, but to adapt the internal components of the smartphone to high heat transfer 5G-equipment and high energy consumption. In this case, the manufacturer can afford not to skimp on the components of novelties by assigning it higher than OnePlus 6T price.

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