Android news #176: Google and medical equipment on Android

We present to your attention the 176th edition of our weekly project “Android news”! Today we talk about the Google, upgrade smartphones to Android Pie, and more. Below, with the same news you can find in a traditional text format.

Brand Google

Under Google most users, first of all, understand Google Play. But, as reported, is expected to open a company is another large store.

Google in the past two years, expanding its presence on the market. Notes and expansion of the company’s presence in the retail market. Now in the Network appeared the message about the upcoming opening of a retail store in Chicago, according to Ben-shun (Ben Schoon) on the resource page


Reportedly, Google plans to open first flagship store in the Fulton Market district, not far from the company office in Chicago. It is further noted that Google rents about 14 thousand square feet (~1300 square feet) on W. Randolph St.

In this space there are several interconnected two-storey brick buildings, currently owned by Newcastle. However, neither Newcastle nor Google did not comment on the communication.

It is interesting to note that earlier developing of the Android OS, Google didn’t have a retail store of this scale, though previously opened retail stores.

Four models of yesteryear OnePlus and Android Pie

Developers from the XDA team, taking advantage of the openness of the Android source code 9.0 Pie, ported to update for four smartphones OnePlus. Thanks to the work of enthusiasts now install the latest version of the operating system from Google can the owners not even the newest models.

All access Android 9.0 Pie that the user will have four units of OnePlus in the past years.

— OnePlus X (download);
— OnePlus 2 (download);
— OnePlus 3/3T (download).

Ported version of the Android Pie can be compared to an early beta version. The firmware is not is characterized by the highest level of stability and is unable to provide all of the smartphone features without exception. For example, on Android P for the above smartphones are not working payment via NFC.

Setting a port of the Android Pie 9.0 on your smartphone, remember that all actions you do at your own risk. You risk not only losing the warranty on their device, but given the lack of appropriate skills — to turn it into a brick with no chance to bring him out of this state alone.

Google will add support for Android in hearing AIDS

In Android will appear native support for hearing AIDS. It follows from the official Google site for developers. First support devices for the hearing impaired was not possible due to the high degree of fragmentation of the operating system.

The first manufacturer whose hearing AIDS officially earn with smartphones running Android, will become the Danish company GN Hearing. Google and GN Hearing is already working on new specifications sound transmission called ASHA, which will appear in a future version of Android.

Standard ASHA will provide the most efficient sound transmission without interference and will also allow you to connect a compatible hearing AIDS to smartphones running Android without the need for the involvement of intermediate devices and to use them as external set.

Since Google saw fit to publish this information, there is a high probability that the support of hearing AIDS will be available in Android 9.1. The release of the updated OS should take place some time after the autumn of the presentation of the Google Pixel Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL.

The autonomy of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 compared with other smartphones

On Tuesday, users have published the first sample photos with Note 9. The smartphone has shown himself worthy — and both day and night. Now it’s time to get acquainted with the indicators of autonomy of the device.

The duration of the Note 9 is of interest. This is primarily due to the increased battery life: the new record as for the line of 4000 mAh. The same figure Note 8 is 3300 mAh

The autonomy of the tested representatives of Phone Arena. Journalists used a script that simulates the use of the device as a standard user. The figures compared with other smartphones.

Note 9 has shown excellent results — the smartphone lasted 8 hours 56 minutes. This is the best iPhone X, Pixel 2, 6 OnePlus, Galaxy S9+, Note 8 and Galaxy S9 usual. The new lost iPhone 8 and Pixel Plus 2 XL. The difference in the duration of work was only a minute.

On a full charge at Note 9 went 109 minutes. The result is average. For example, OnePlus 6 for recovery only need 80 minutes. While Pixel 2 XL requires by as much as 43 minutes more.

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