Android news #173: prohibitions for Huawei and Samsung to update a few Oreo

We present to your attention the 173rd edition of our weekly project “news Android“! Today we talk about the models of Samsung that will be updated to Oreo, the prohibition on installing apps for Huawei and many other things. Below, with the same news you can find in a traditional text format.

Huawei banned put VLC player on their smartphones

Studio developers VideoLAN, which publishes educational and popular video player VLC, has decided on the blacklisting of Huawei smartphones. This is stated on the official page of team Twitter. From now on, the owners of vehicles of the Chinese manufacturer will not be able to install the app from Google Play.

The reason for the introduction of Huawei smartphones in black list are the peculiarities of the firmware EMUI, which prevents backgrounding most applications, except those that have been developed by the vendor. Such a policy, put it in VideoLAN, provides users a negative impression about the product by discrediting him.

Preventing the download of the branded app with Huawei device users, the developers are trying to defend the right to unfettered dissemination of their own development, and that is understandable. Another thing is that achieving goals such methods directly contradict the legislation of many European countries and can arouse the interest of the competent authorities.

Despite the fact that the download VLC official way, which means Google Play will not be possible at least in the foreseeable future, Huawei will still be able to use the video player. It is enough to install on your device the APK version of VLC which can be downloaded on the website VideoLAN.

8 Samsung will get updates to Android Oreo

At least 8 Electronics Samsung smartphones will get Android Oreo before the end of this year. About this manufacturer announced the Samsung Members.

According to the official, install Android Oreo will be the owners of the following Samsung smartphones:

— A9 Galaxy Pro
— Galaxy C7 Pro
Galaxy Pro C9
— Glaxy J7 2017
— Neo Galaxy J7
— Galaxy On5 2016
— Galaxy On7 2016
— Galaxy On7 2018

Because information on the timing of updates has been published by the Indian division of Samsung, it is evident that it primarily refers to models implemented in India. This implies that users of these devices from other regions, unable to update with some delay.

Earlier it became known that Samsung has decided to postpone the release of Android Oreo for the three models Galaxy J 2017 model year. In accordance with the new schedule, the owners of smartphones Galaxy J3, J5 and J7 Pro Pro can install the coveted update and not before September 28.

The reason for the growth of Android

When there is a growth of sales of smart phones running the popular Android mobile operating system developed by Google, this is quite a reason. And it is named.


Ivan (Ivan) on the resource page considered the latest report published by Kantar Research relating to the prevalence of smartphones in key markets for the three-month period ended June 2018. Android remains the dominant operating system.

Доля продаж смартфонов с различными ОС

In comparison with the second quarter of 2017, the share of sales of Android smartphones have declined slightly in Germany, France and the US but increased in China and the UK. However, the share of popular mobile OS is still high: in Germany, 80,5% in the UK — 64.5 per cent, in the United States — 61% and above 80% in Italy, Spain and China.

The market share growth of Android in the UK are mainly provided by popular Huawei P20, whereby the share of sales of Huawei in the UK increased from 2.7% (second quarter 2017) to 13.7% (the second quarter of 2018). Huawei is also a key factor for the growth of sales of Android smartphones in China.

In this context it is noted that the best-selling device in China has become iPhone X, keeping the index on a monthly basis since its debut from November of last year.

A major update for Gmail for Android

In addition to a complete redesign of the mobile app Gmail for Android, Google decided to work on his functional abilities. According to the developers, the updated version of the mail client needs to adopt some of the features of the web version, which can make the experience even more efficient.

We have previously reported on the possible design changes in Gmail for Android. To investigate the changes in appearance of the applications in appropriate material AndroidInsider.EN.

In particular, it was decided to shift the emphasis on the ability to quickly search messages. This red bar at the top of the interface were replaced by a large search box. The icon of a magnifying glass at the same time, which was located on the right and previously was responsible for the search of messages from the list, replaced by the avatar of the user, just like in the desktop version.

In addition, now, to see the attachments in incoming emails, it is not necessary to open them. In the updated app all media files that were attached by senders in messages can now be viewed directly from the home page. Similarly, interaction with the attachments organized in topical to build a web version of Gmail.

Also, the updated Gmail for Android will be able to manually adjust the display density of the letters. This depends directly on how many messages will be shown on the main screen. Thus Google will allow people with visual impairments to make the interface of the mail client is more convenient for visual perception, extending the possibility of customization.

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