Android has proved that he is out of competition

Three out of four smartphones sold in Europe in the fourth quarter of 2018, worked under control of Android, estimated by analysts Kantar Worldpanel. The strengthening of the position of devices running Google’s on Board occurred due to the high demand for the Chinese manufacturers who continue to increase their share, despite the global trend towards a decline in sales. In any case, experts state, on the market today there are at least two vendors from China, whose strong position like never before.

According to analysts Kantar Worldpanel, the increase in the share of Android smartphones in the European market largely due to the strengthening of the positions Xiaomi and Huawei/Honor. On their reputation among users is not affected even full of negative news, which were abundant in the local media. It turns out that most ordinary consumers have nothing to intercorporate strife and care best ratio of price and quality, which are the products of these manufacturers.

Most popular smartphones

Best of all, analysts say, feels Huawei, Xiaomi, however, also tries to keep up. According to Dominique Sunnemo, Director of Kantar Worldpanel, Xiaomi is slowly gaining momentum, attracting consumers with smartphones costing up to 500 euros. Huawei, in turn, allows himself to play in the more expensive segment, offering including machines cost from $ 700 and above. However, I must say that they are not very popular, because in this segment dominated by Apple and Samsung.

In Russia there is a similar situation. Here, as in Europe, dominated by Huawei. In the final quarter of 2018, the Chinese vendor managed to overcome Samsung in sales of smartphones in units, taking first place. However, in monetary terms, continues to lead Apple. Affects the overall attractiveness of the brand and the almost complete absence in the lineup (not counting the SE iPhone and iPhone 6s that are already out of production) available smartphones.

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