Android apps nominated for awards Google (2019)

Announced Google Android apps nominated for awards Google Play this year, to be announced the winner on Monday, May 6, the conference on Google Developers I/O.

Was nominated by the Google total 45 application to win 9 prizes for 9 different categories, such as “accessibility” to promote the use of smart phones, or “high social impact”. And Google that several teams took the nomination application based on the standards of quality, design, performance and innovation, provided that you have got a big update or has been launched after April 2018, and without a further lengthening of the To You application:

Disclaimer: Some of the apps and games below may be limited to expand geographically, or with a pilot phase limited geographically.

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The luxury class

Apps help the user to adopt good habits and enjoy the life strategies of encouragement.

Category access

Apps and games make it easier for people with special needs to achieve maximum benefit from his smartphone.

The category of social impact

Apps and games have a positive impact in communities around the world.

The category of the most beautiful games

Games embody a model of artistic and visual effects unique thanks to the graphics the creative use of the programming interface advanced.

Class room knowledge

Apps improve the experience of the gastric band, which is often Network television.

The category of innovation

Apps and games provide the experience of using the unique and groundbreaking, or the application of innovative benefit by unique special technology of mobile devices.

The category of rich experience

Apps and games featuring powerful performance in the aspects don’t stand out in other applications.

The category of best new apps

Apps has been achieved significant growth, characterized by its design and high performance.

The category of best new games

New games characterized by its fun design and excellent performance.

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