Android 9 Pie confirmed the appearance in the Galaxy S10 important features of the new iPhone

Despite the obvious veracity of rumors about the hardware inside the Galaxy S10, we don’t know too much about his appearance. The only thing that was confirmed by the previous leaks, the seizure of an island, placed right in the display. It was assumed that it will accommodate dual front-facing camera, however, as noted by the developers of the team XDA, place the second module is a three-dimensional camera with face detection technology.

The fact that the upcoming Galaxy S10 will receive the support of face recognition technology, according to developers from the XDA team, specifies the software code Android 9 Pie for Galaxy S9 and S9+. He is responsible for determining the time required hardware complex face recognition to perform a scanning procedure. The same component at the time were found in the beta version of iOS 11, predicting the appearance of the Face ID in the iPhone X.

The face detection technology for Galaxy S10 already expressed the assumption that the Galaxy S10 will get support for the analog Face ID based on the rendering and photographs of prototypes of the future machine. Then we suggested that Samsung managed to combine a laser projector, projecting thousands of dots on the face of the user to read the terrain, and three-dimensional camera together, minimizing the space that will occupy the complex of identification inside the smartphone.

Earlier it was reported that Samsung is in conjunction with the Israeli start-up Mantis Vision really works over creation of own face recognition technology. the Latest development will allow Koreans to compete with Apple with its Face ID, which is not only branded smartphones, but also tablets, starting the popularization of the technology of face recognition among manufacturers of Android-devices.

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