Android 9.0 P will prevent background applications from accessing the microphone also

Get Google to release a developer version of version 9.0 of the operating system Android “Android P” over the coming weeks, has recently stated that Google would block developers ‘ access to API is not documented and hidden in Android P, as it was reported that the system will allow the user to control the display signal to the cellular network and the internet in the status bar, as it will support phones, folding phones that comes more than screen phones, which include an extra piece. Revealed earlier reports that the new version of the system will have a new feature to prevent applications running in the background to the camera, this would prevent malicious apps from working in background and export the user’s stealth or close them. And now a new report indicates that Google is planning to offer applications that are running in the background access to microphone and sound surreptitiously similar to the camera which is a required feature will inevitably degree of security on the Android operating system will be of advantage to the permissions that are available for. See also :

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