Android 10 will establish the work of face recognition on smartphones Samsung

Despite the fact that Google only this year decided to equip their smartphones with analog Face ID, the facial recognition technology has long been available to Android users. Even the lack of hardware sensor scan did not prevent her from faithfully discharge all of its functions. And over time, producers have perfected it that she even stopped to remove the lock before photos and similar people. Of course, to call the facial recognition technology on Android perfect, it was still impossible, but Samsung has brought her to this.

Face detection in Android can be better and Samsung proves it

Samsung has made a number of changes in the interface of the face recognition in IOS One UI 2.0, built Android 10. Innovations appeared in an early beta version of the update that came out this week. The developers of the company have studied the weaknesses of the technology responsible for unlocking in the face, and tried to fix them so that the scanning was performed quickly, safely and naturally.

Disadvantages of face recognition on Android

One of the negative features of a software of face recognition technology in smartphones Samsung was the problem of recognition of users with glasses or hats. It happened that the algorithms responsible for identification, was confused, and therefore refused to unlock. So that such a situation does not recur in One UI 2.0 has the opportunity to contribute in the memory of the smartphone a few alternative images of faces and frequently used accessories be it hats, glasses, hats or scarves. This will help to minimize errors when scanning and not lose security.

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A second disadvantage of the system of recognition of persons, concerning not only Samsung smartphones, there was a problem unlocking without taking into account the user’s eyes. Because of this, the smartphone could release the lock even if the user was sleeping or worse, dead. Despite the fact that similar defects are suffering and Google Pixel 4, which, meanwhile, are equipped with hardware sensors that Samsung previously was able to solve this problem. With the release of One UI 2.0 camera compatible smartphones to check, open the user’s eyes or not before removing the lock.

Is it possible to fool a face scanner photo

Unlike manufacturers who have already implemented the tracking of eyes in their smart phones before, Samsung just optimized the technology so that it is focused on this area of the face when it is unlocked. Instead, the Korean developers have designed a special system of algorithms that will keep track of the signs of a living person. First, the algorithm will monitor the blinking or not. And, second, will record the movements of his pupils, which the machines of competitors cannot yet do.

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Given that Samsung just started testing One UI 2.0, its release is worth waiting until mid-November. In any case, it would be logical to expect that the testing will last at least a month. But the first update will receive only the flagship Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10. For smartphones of previous generations, like S9 or Galaxy Note 9, the updated firmware will be available after the Samsung developers will conduct the necessary preparatory and adaptation work, which will take time, too. So we would bet at the end of January-mid-February.

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