Android 10 Start access to phones Google Pixel today

Telecommunications companies of Canada says that the Android OS 10 will be released to users phones Google Pixel at 3 September, any day.

أندرويد 10 يبدأ بالوصول إلى هواتف جوجل بيكسل اليومFree starts access to phones Google Pixel today.

Starts operating system Android 10 new access to the users its final form today, and start with the phones Pixel from Google as they are the General Assembly, where the company contacts the Canadian of the two leaked dates the arrival of the update to its users by scheduling it on the website, and thus it became more accurate, although Google itself didn’t know about it until now.

The two companies said in putting information on the website it says two to update up phones Pixel camera brings with it Android Q + security updates.

But one of them deleted the information after talking to users about the arrival of the update without Google’s announcement, the second display information on its website.

Google has changed the name of the Android Q last week and fired it name android 10 of a sudden, and apparently she had enough of the names of the candy that allows her to copy the operating system, and therefore decided to give the next version numbers to facilitate its understanding of users at the same time and to prevent any murmurs.

Referred to Android 10 brings with it the system Night Mode full several other advantages to better use than the previous version.

For clarification, this is the version that will be released are the first official version of the system, not the demo version that appeared on phones like the OnePlus and LG and Nokia.



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