Android 10 begins to access officially for OnePlus 7 Pro

Today I started the company OnePlus officially in send Android update 10 to my phone. the OnePlus 7 OnePlus 7 Pro and they are to be held for a new, stable from the interface of the OnePlus famous OxygenOS issued X this not was postponed the launch of the new version earlier because of some problems that appeared.

The company confirmed that the update is now on his way to reach users all over the world are expected to get all the phones on the new update in the next few days.

I mention the OnePlus that the new update will change the whole one using the phone UI besides adding many features to the system and new options under Settings and most of them, of course, exclusive to Android 10! This is in addition to data on quality that comes with every big update.

As for for your phones OnePlus 7T OnePlus 7T Pro the latest Understanding also will receive the new update, but we have to keep the fact that the phone is still in the egg stage in our minds. Do you own a OnePlus for? And you got the new update yet? We participated in the comments..

Source: Android Authority

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