Andreessen Horowitz creates a cryptocurrency Fund A16Z. Why is it important?

One of the leading venture capital firms Andreessen Horowitz announced the creation of its own cryptocurrency Fund A16Z with a turnover of $ 300 million. Heads of institutions will be Katherine Hawn and Chris Dixon. Last long time invests in Andreessen Horowitz and Coinbase. About it reports Forbes.

Fund for investment in cryptocurrencies

In an interview with Forbes and Juan Dixon mentioned that A16Z will work with the capital Andreessen Horowitz as a separate legal entity. The reason is that the Fund Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz have already reached the limit in cryptocurrency investments. Chris Dixon shared his attitude to the establishment of the new Fund.

Involvement in cryptocurrency and the new team is an extension. And yet we want to maintain the flexibility of the company. We both adhere to the idea that the stock market is developing very fast. We have invested in a lot of things that still haven’t been invented yet.

Representatives from Andreessen Horowitz announced the creation of a Fund just last week, so that A16Z has not received any investment. When this process begins, the company will receive full support from Andreessen Horowitz.

A16Z will not be tied to a specific geographic location. The Fund will focus on investments in new technologies. Other companies will be able to invest directly in coins through A61Z, but the Fund relies on a long-term perspective and not for speculation.

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