And you sleep, your phone rings when in contact with specific people only


In front of you several options such as to go to sleep, work on them all the time, either leave your phone in mode the default receive calls resonance, or vibration, or to put it in Silent mode without any reference to the receipt of a call, or to close it completely until the morning.
But, what if you love to sleep ! And don’t bother anyone and in return don’t want to shut down your phone or put it in photo mode. In the time you wait for a call from a friend or relative it is important that you may don’t forget for awaited.

Of the upgrade the system his mobile phone to one of the systems of Android “lollipop” knows that there is a bug “is fix it later” is in the absence of the put option complete silence. Van stopped ringing and the phone will vibrate and choose to stop them with.

The application Nights Keeper allows you many options for your in your mobile phone before going to sleep. By establishing a list of white figures friends or your superiors at work, your mobile phone is in place it silent if you call one of these numbers.

Which means you will take in your dreams all night and the phone rings but when you call one of the numbers registered in the white list.
We think the application of all services and functions for many users. And can be downloaded from the Google Play Store at the following link:

Nights Keeper


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