And here’s the new laptop from Google video

Lately, search giant Google is associated with many fans of mobile electronics is mainly with the Android operating system and one of the most interesting smartphones of the last time Google Pixel 3. However, there is in the Arsenal of the company and interesting products. For example, the range of very good Chromebooks. But that’s not all. In fact, it is possible that very soon we will have a completely different laptop from Google — the new model Pixelbook, which recently lit up on one of the videos leaked to the net.

Originally discovered the video is almost immediately removed from the channel on which it was posted. But the Internet, as we know, remember all the specialists of the portal 9to5Google managed to save it and upload it. But what makes you think that the video is available at the end of the article, we see the mythical Pixelbook, not a new model of Chromebook? In favor of this hypothesis speaks directly 2 now.

First, no doubt before us a prototype of the unannounced device. And all Google branded products, while in the prototype stage, usually have disguised the logo “G” while on this laptop you can see the die “ProductName”, located just above the top row of keys. If you rewind time a little bit ago, one of the first test samples had Chromebook die “Chrome”.

Second, the laptop in the video has a display aspect ratio of 16:9, which still was not the format used in the line of laptops Pixelbook. So this speaks in favor of a new device. At least, in favor of expanding existing lines of laptops.

And finally, see on the video the top row of function keys is very similar to what Google showed in its previous models by Pixelbook. In addition, the test model looks like a premium product. Despite the video quality, it is noticeable that the display has high resolution, and in General appearance evokes very positive emotions.

Even if the conclusions about the new Pixelbook faithful to the end, one thing is clear: before us a very interesting prototype device that has been developed over some time and, quite possibly, will soon be officially presented.

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