And headphones is to hear music just as you think

In order to make heaven in case of another never before , we will need to engage the application of VOLOCO AUTO TUNE easy to use and small in size, with it you’ll get a sense of the strange, fun and extremely by what its techniques work to change the sound.

We’ll start associating the application VOLOCO AUTO TUNE the headphones, and preferably not be headphones with high quality, if acceptable in terms of their quality to get a sense of the supernatural too, when you move you will feel that the images speak in your ear like never before, as the app lets you change the sound to different sounds and Variety through the options that are supported by to give you that weird feeling.

The application of very special gives you also the advantage of audio recording professionally, adjusting them automatically to make the songs different from the pronunciation of any phrase or sentence or song .

Song recording tone great.

The application features VOLOCO AUTO TUNE easy to use where you can put headphones to hear the audio recording or the songs in an easy way and with high quality, and what sets it apart is the diversity of sounds available in the app and the different cars and the remix and Rai and others in order to get and access to the pitched voice to get it .

Create the sounds of the four sound effects

The app includes VOLOCO AUTO TUNE, the four sound effects allowing you to create and the creativity of the different sounds and diverse and distinctive, the first influencer is Big Ckorus gives you the possibility of authoring a song for seven voices and the bar variety, influential second Hard tune you can do the influential Classic Auto-tune, and the SuperVocoder and Natural tune is effects gives you great results and impressive as the change and record audio .

Add a song in the background

App VOLOCO AUTO TUNE gives you also a property backing track which lets you add a lyric or a song in the background in order to help you maintain a good tune, and have to win headphones of the phone to turn this feature on, of course after you finish recording your voice, you can listen to and enjoy what you just recorded, and save it if you want in your phone or watch these audio files directly via the app .

Storage in MP4 format

Audio files that are recorded can be stored in MP4 format, so you will not face any problem when you are trying to run it on any other program .

The app is free and can be downloaded from the following link :


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