Analysts: Bitmain has earned more Nvidia for 2017

Research company Bernstein has shared interesting figures. Staff analyzed the profit of the main manufacturer of Asimov and Creator of “green” cards. As a result, the profit for Bitmain is higher.

ASIC Antminer is more profitable

Analysts emphasize the difference in the age of the companies, reports Cointelegraph. Nvidia was founded 24 years ago, while the Chinese giant appeared on the market in 2013. The increased operating profit Bitmain in 2017 appeared between 3 and 4 billions of dollars. During the same period, Nvidia was richer by $ 3 billion.

Bitmain is 70 to 80 percent of the market. The secret of success is the rapid change of prices for asik in accordance with the rate of Bitcoin.

When Bitcoin rose to 20 thousand dollars in December last year, the cost of Antminer S9 amounted to almost 5 thousand.

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The success of Bitmain proves promising niche cryptocurrency mining. Maybe next time Nvidia representatives will not ask the retailers to give preference to gamers instead of miners.

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