Analysts believe that Apple made ” substantial discounts on the price level “

iPhone XR

I have risen the prices of iPhones lately is so large that the core model has become the cost of 1000 USD. On the other hand, was intended from the iPhone XR to be a model cheaper and aimed at those with limited budgets, although its price starts from US $ 750, this is the price that you can pay to get some high-end phones equipped with Android.

For this reason, the analyst Daniel Ives Foundation Wedbush that Apple need to reduce the price of iPhone XR significantly in order to curb the ” arrogance on the level of prices “. According to analyst Daniel Ives, has stated by saying : ” As we discussed with investors, it has been the inability of Apple pricing iPhone XR the main factor in the disaster, the company’s earnings in the month of December. While the iPhone XS continue to focus on the category of high-end phones associated with price, it has been the iPhone XR the inside of the spiral in China so that it represents 20 percent of all phones the iPhone that have been upgraded “.

He added : ” While some investors will be concerned about lower prices and what it means for growth in the next few quarters and the loss of design as a smart phone, the luxury, the step back is all what you need is a user base for Apple “.

Some say that this See also the province of the informal experience in China, where interrupt local customers Apple products because of the trade war that is underway between China and the United States. Aside from that, since there are a lot of smart phones low price from the various Chinese companies which cost a fraction of the price of the iPhone, it is also difficult to know the cause of the failure to justify the mission to pay for phones iPhone new Apple TV.

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