Analysts: Apple paid $ 6 billion for development with Qualcomm

Connect Apple and Qualcomm to an agreement to end their battle Legal earlier this week, included a page one batch of Apple, Qualcomm, although not ready for any of the companies to disclose the value of the payment.

With that, the analysts measure the details of the transaction, where it is likely that Apple paid between 5 to 6 million dollars as part of the settlement, in addition to paying between 8 to $ 9 as a fee patent for each iPhone.

With a deal like this, there are many fine details that make it difficult to determine who is the beneficiary company is the largest, while Apple gained access to the processors fifth-generation iPhone, which is the great benefit of her point of view, it is possible to see the effects of this transaction in the statement of quarterly earnings for Apple.

Source: CNBC

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