Analyst Spencer Bogart: traders should only buy Bitcoin

At the end of the week investor Tom Lee saidthat Bitcoin to the end of the year will reach 25 thousand dollars, and for this purpose it is absolutely optional to grow every day. The first believes cryptocurrency and Bitcoin analyst on wall street by Spencer Bogart. According to him, investors should only buy Bitcoin because its scope is constantly growing. It is quoted by CNBC.

The prospects of Bitcoin — an analyst on wall street

Despite the fact that Bitcoin is falling, it remains the most promising coin, says Bogart. And expanding the scope of coins indicates that this asset institutionalizarea.

Every major Bank is trying to create a product in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Some offer their customers the opportunity to buy Bitcoin, others allow you to securely store digital assets. From this we can conclude that Bitcoin institutionalizarea — and this is a favourable trend.

Most of the coins overvalued, the analyst believes. However, investors can own the Air, Ripple, Bitcoin and Cash EOS. These tokens he calls “neutral alternative” first cryptocurrency.

Coins can grow in value, but they have a lot more obstacles than Bitcoin.

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