Analyst: if Bitcoin falls below $ 3,200, hodlers have to get away

We will remind, earlier the former chief economist of the International monetary Fund mark DOE publicly statedthat it covers your short on Bitcoin. Short position Dou was opened almost at the peak of the price of the cryptocurrency. The expert explained that twice already took profits and are no longer willing to wait for the fall to the ground.

It would seem that the DOE is confident in the imminent reversal of the asset price. However, a few weeks later, the analyst announced not very pleasant news in Twitter. According to his published schedule, if Bitcoin will not be able to break above $ 5,000 in the near future, cryptocurrencies are waiting very hard times.

One of the shorts?

1-weekly chart of Bitcoin is still “beautiful”. However, the picture on it can be “intimidating” for long-term holders of the coin. DOE believes that the cryptocurrency falling below the $ 3200 has to make them withdraw all the money from the asset.

Still a beautiful chart. If Bitcoin will not be able to jump at least 5-6 thousand dollars in the near future, it will be a bad sign for cyberbykes. If he falls below the yellow line at any point, even Hodlers have to get away.

But other cryptanalysts do not consider the drain of below $ 3,000 a major prerequisite to the sale of cryptocurrency. On the contrary, this is a great opportunity to buy even more bitcoins at a reduced price. In this case, “bury” coin at any time — it’s already done more than 90 times in 2018.

Formerly a well-known Bitcoin supporter Tony Weiss saidthat the main asset of the stock market could fall up to 1000 dollars in 2019. After you have found the bottom, start a new bullish cycle. The founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets Anthony Pompliano adheres to similar opinion. He recently said about the high probability of the drain Bitcoin is below $ 3,000.

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