An update to WhatsApp to Android phones feature supports notification channels


Got a new update to apply instant messaging famous owned Facebook “WhatsApp” on Android phones, which holds some of the fixes and new features, which finally allows users of the app from phones running on Android from to choose how to show notifications of various types on their devices.

Update WhatsApp on Android

According to the site Android Police , the American, the new update gives users a better way to control the notifications that reach them from the app, since Google introduced the feature of “notification channels” within the Android version 8.0 oreo, which was released in August 2017, which is a very convenient feature, in theory, allows users to set the priority for different types of notifications.

واتس ابWhatsApp

For example, can determine a big priority. for notifications Facebook, to appear in introduction to notifications and change the sound characteristic, and to determine the importance of the “average” requests for friendship, to show but without a voice.

WhatsApp Android

The problem is that the apps have to be updated individually by the developers to match the new feature “notification channels“, so he launched a WhatsApp new update for the users of Android phones.

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