An overview of the simulator Idle Coffee Corp. Coffee exerciser of the future Emperor

As a child I loved to play simulator businessman Industry Giant 2 (or “Industrial giant 2” in Russian localization). Now the dream of industrial Empire shrank to the desire to open a bar or coffee shop. For starters, while I brew the morning coffee, I found in the App Store simulator owner of the coffee shop and stuck in it all day. Now tell why it’s so cool.

Idle Coffee Corp – a fascinating clicker for those who want to feel in the role of shop owner

The contents

Simulator Idle Coffee Corp

Idle Coffee Corp is sure to attract the attention of fans of business simulators. Yes, in fact, have already attracted — in the App Store game is in second place in the ranking of the simulations after PUBG Mobile.

Over time, the “dummy” for a coffee machine you can change the guys for fun

In this game you can feel yourself in the skin of some of Jerry Baldwin (one of the founders of the coffee Empire Starbucks). You will experience all the hardships of doing coffee business. During the game you have to pump your little shop to the size of a real coffee shop, and then to develop the business and open branches in other places. To start working in new York, then to open a branch in Berlin and, oddly enough, Atlantis. The developers promise that with time will add a new city.

The world map according to developers Idle Coffee Corp

A lot of attention given to staff development. You need to hire managers, baristas and other workers. All employees of your coffee, “study” to earn the company money. Increasing the level increases the efficiency of the employee and business in General. The main point of the game is the efficient allocation of the money. In Idle Coffee Corp there are lots of options where to spend it.

Good advice for business travelers, the Idle Coffee Corp

What is interesting Idle Coffee Corp

Idle Coffee Corp is a bright representative of the genre of idle, which is obvious even from the name of the game. If the first time you see this word, then idle-games (aka “clickers”) is a game where the gameplay consists of constant taps on the screen. They are usually earned in-game currency. Some games even do not have to constantly click on the screen — currency is earned, even in the absence of the player.

Almost all you can multiply or skip for viewing ads

In Idle Coffee Corp will initially have fiercely tap on the screen to invite the guests to her coffee shop and quickly to serve them. Delay with the second is impossible, as potential customers will not be a long wait for your drink and just left. But over time, you will be able to move away from the counter and deal directly managing a cafe. You have to open a new coffee-points and to expand the range and improve product quality, develop staff, and so on. Not enough only change in the interior of the coffee shop. Even though they are so cute. I have sat in a Berlin coffee shop with the “Trabant” on the wall.

Great “Traband” — a symbol of East Germany

And another interesting feature is that the coffee shop is completely divided into Finance. It would be interesting to really build a network, not individual institutions.

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The Gameplay Is Idle Coffee Corp

As I said in the beginning you are the owner of a small coffee shop with only one Barista. Slow and can only cook instant coffee. The first thing you need to hire for this poor devil of a Manager, so he could take money from the cash register and put it in a safety Deposit box. While you have only to patiently tap on the screen to accelerate the flow of visitors and to quickly execute their orders.

With the expansion of coffee shops, you will be able to establish a large constant income without your participation. Then you can start opening other establishments where everything starts from scratch.

In the upper right corner of the screen is the scale efficiency of your institution and located in the safe Deposit box revenue. It can and should be used to increase the income of the coffee shop. Do not pay attention to the amount of several million dollars per second. Realism — not a trick of Idle Coffee Corp.

The developers have taken care about the different artifactsthat the player receives for their actions. In achieving success, or assignments will give you free boxes, of which you will be able to get three cards. Each card gives you a certain bonus. To qualify for this bonus you will need to collect the same cards. This delay the developers have gently encourage players to “drift” at least some amount for their work.

Prices to buy gold in Idle Coffee Corp. Believe me, you do not need it

Where no donation in the modern game. If you don’t want to wait and develop gradually, you can buy in-game currency for real money. You can also buy coffee box with the most rare and interesting cards. In addition, the game is developed getting the “Goodies” for the viewing of commercials with a length of 30 seconds.

Idle Coffee Corp is a single player game, so you don’t have anyone to compete. It makes meaningless the infusion of her money. And that is fine, you can play without Internet. The plane is nice for a moment to imagine yourself a passenger in business class who “rules” of his little Corporation.

With the improvement of the coffee shops, you will discover new types of drinks and to improve their quality for maximum price. Visitors should be given the opportunity to buy the entire range, so don’t forget to distribute them among baristas. If clients will not be able to acquire claimed the drink menu, they will be unhappy, which is not very good for business.

Visitors always openly tell you that you forgot to put something from the menu

How to grow faster in Idle Coffee Corp

  • Follow the performance indicator. In the upper right corner of the screen is the scale efficiency. It shows what makes your coffee shop a second. Through it you can assess the effectiveness of — the greener, the better. Any of your action on the distribution menu between the uprights, development staff and drinks affects the income. If the coffee shop to operate optimally, the indicator will turn gold.
  • Collect all the gold. Every four hours you can get 5 gold bars. Or you can skip the wait by watching short ads. Be sure to allow notifications to get reminded that you must pick up your gold.
  • Don’t forget the Manager. Periodically “suck” Manager of your coffee shop. It is an important part of the effectiveness of the enterprise. Increasing the level will allow him to move faster to collect the money. The more stands you have, the more important it is to know that the Manager can do the job.
  • Quickly serve customers. Don’t forget that it’s not just strategy and game-clicker. So sometimes you need to steer the processes in the coffee shop. When you Tapa on the screen to attract new customers and to serve them quickly, you greatly increase your revenue because of a greatly increased flow of visitors.

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Me playing just sucked. Of course, it’s not long fascination, like any Fatima. But for a week or two it is possible to hang. So put and have fun. The game is absolutely all without problems.

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