An Israeli company quit! loophole was to hack phones via video calls

The company raised WhatsApp of Facebook lawsuit against the Israeli police NSO Group because of their participation in the activity of penetration of users of the chat app WhatsApp.

The Israeli police has been targeting journalists and human rights defenders through a major security loophole allows download spy software on the phones of users through video calls, even if he didn’t want the person on the call.

The development of software used in the attacks, which allow Pegasus was the company by the NSO which is taken from the Israel-based, which has been using its software by repressive governments all over the world.

WhatsApp says that it has evidence of the involvement of the NSO direct in hack attacks, although the Israeli police the implementation of that and say that it provided software only to governments.

Recall that this is not the first time that the Israeli police in cases of breach of the users, especially activists in the field of human rights.

Source: TC

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