An interesting study, half of the employees once Technical are planning to leave their jobs

Research study available to the unexpected result, that what is approaching half the number that works in the sector of technical, waiting for the right opportunity, to escape from this area forever.

Escape from technical

The world is heading towards jobs free, business, Independent, This is what is taught by many I found out a recent research study, however, the sudden delivery of that study noted that half the number of people working in the technical field, are planning to shift to other areas is completely different in as soon as possible.

The study wanted Research Network Porch competent to communicate between home owners and workers, by conducting a survey involving more than 1000 employees and 291 employer, discover how you hold the staff and owners of the war their work in the next phase, where the reached results are very exciting.

A survey of opinion about desire, about 57.4% of the workers in the sector of hotels and restaurants, leave their jobs sooner or later, while the figures showed that about 55.3% of the workers with the wholesale and retail, hoping to achieve the same thing, only to wonder here may represent a desire to 47.3% of those who exercise the functions relating to technology and whether they work full time or an independent function, in leaving their business in the future, although the high wages of those jobs often.

The future of jobs the independent

Revealed the recent poll also enjoy other areas in the future some of the stability, compared to the areas mentioned above, where the findings of the research study indicated that 33.3% of public sector workers and the financial want to quit their jobs, such as 34.2% of workers in government and Public Administration, and 37.1% of those who exercise the functions of Education.

Certainly here in accordance with that research study, some functional areas will fall under the control of the owners of the independent task, during the 10 years at most, while their total number is now about 31% of the workers once the technical study indicates that women will rise at the rate of 13.5% very soon.

Also, the study showed that the proportion of independents who are working as soon as marketing and advertising, amounting to now 33%, will increase through the years at a rate of 15.6%, as have employees of the construction sector itself from 28.8% to approximately 36.8%.

In the end, that research study to the desire of a lot of workers with technology, in leaving their jobs soon, however, the secret behind that desire to remain anonymous until now.

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