An electric Tesla pickup truck — this summer. Where to hurry Elon Musk?

From Elon musk, a bunch of intriguing ideas, and one of them is the release of the electric Tesla pickup truck. For the first time this has been announced in 2017, then the entrepreneur has pledged that its development will start immediately after the release of crossover Tesla Model Y. it Seems that the long-awaited announcement will take place much earlier, during a call with investors, Elon Musk announced that he intends to hold a demonstration of a pickup truck in the summer of 2019. The question arises — why the entrepreneur has made such a quick decision?

Илон Маск

According to Electrek, the company is afraid of the growing competition. During last year’s motor show in Los Angeles was shown a pickup Rivian R1T, which attracted the presence of the four motors up to 764 horsepower and a range of up to 640 kilometers. It is noted that the stand Rivian was near a huge area of the Ford, and thus easily gathered a much larger audience. Perhaps this was the reason that Ford also announced the development of electric pickup.

Tesla is accustomed to leadership, therefore, cannot afford to stay behind its competitors. At what stage is the development of a Tesla pickup is still unknown, but in November 2018 Elon Musk shared that the coming novelty will be made in cyberpunk style. In an interview with Recode, he shared that he doesn’t care whether the car is in demand — he just wants to release it. In any case, he may issue a more modest model that will surely find its audience.

It is believed that the pickups are ideal for equipment with motors. They are so many places that manufacturers can install a huge battery, energy which is enough to even charge other electric machines or tools. Tesla pickup truck could gain a lot of popularity in the fleet — owners will certainly be interested in lower maintenance requirements and reduced fuel costs.

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