An article from Samsung about the interface, One UI reveal to us inadvertently from the design of the Galaxy S10


Samsung recently published an article explaining how and why to use the interface One new UI, but enables one of the users on the social network Reddit of the monitor Samsung used in this article pictures for a smartphone featuring a hole at the level of the screen to the front camera to browse encountered the new, a phone whose frequency is that the Galaxy S10.

Since then, Samsung updated the article and replaced those images with new ones you know won’t a smart phone without a camera and with the screen frame is thicker also. Here are below the before and after pictures make alterations to it with the knowledge that there’s another picture also know the difference between the screen frame in both images :

Of course, this article related mainly to the software, shake the phone form embodied in these images to to have years, run afoul of One UI will work on all Samsung phones, not just smart phones leading company. You can also see that the front camera disappear when you turn on the screen. Overall, this is still just some promotional photos that have escaped from the grip of the Samsung.


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