An application that helps you to adjust and receive satellite

تطبيق يساعدك لضبط واستقبال الاقمار الاصطناعية

Recognition of the kidney to your coordinates, your location on the world map and the Compass, those techniques that are supported by all smart phones by default, you can become a user of that work yourself to adjust the satellite and determine its destination and its location in the orbit without hiring professionals and specialists to when you like about it.

Application Satellite Director helps you in this regard much has the database number of the challenge you face of the moon is desired, to operate in accordance with such data to move the dish left and right to with the position of the moon.

When you run you to the contrary what view his video here about the way to determine the coordinates of your current location. Will app when you activate your option of Location or GPS it automatically .. go to the tab location and make sure the app enables the display of the coordinates.

Head to the tab to determine the moon, “Nilesat” such as through the search box, and then go to the Tab Media Director who will give you determine the point of the dish.
The video here displays those steps in some detail.

Download app Satellite Director from the Google Play Store:
Satellite Director

An application that helps you to adjust and receive satellite

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