An anonymous trader gave six predictions Bitcoin exchange rate. One of them has come true

People have always loved the predictions. Especially when they came true exactly to the smallest details. At the end of January on 4chan imagebords one of the users has published its prediction about the future price of Bitcoin. All anything, but his words were really prophetic. From hundreds of similar messages it is this anonymity guessing the future. Maybe he knows something?

Who predicts the price of Bitcoin

The user started with cryptocurrency is already in bullish trend. Recall, he posted a message on 21 January, when Bitcoin was trading just above $ 3,000. An unknown author stated that by April the asset price will rise up to 5300 dollars. Indeed, in early April, BTC broke through resistance level of $ 5,000 and rushed up.

Unfortunately, many missed the opportunity to buy Bitcoin at the best possible price — the stage of accumulation lasted only three months from January to March. We never see the cryptocurrency at such a low price.

So, the first part of the prophecy has already been fulfilled, Bitcoin has broken the resistance 9200 dollars before July, that is for a couple of weeks earlier than expected anonymous. Our next stop is line 16 thousand dollars, which the bulls will be achieved by October.

Source: Cryptopotato

Although bullrun started a couple months ago, the main wave of growth will take place only in 2020. By February Bitcoin will reach almost 30 thousand dollars, to the next July — 56 thousand dollars. Finally, the last clicked point in the forecast is higher than 87 thousand dollars. However, the prophet made a small typo, putting in the end of the post just 8700 dollars. Let it be just a mistake.

Amid the price increase of Bitcoin the scale of the stock market will grow at least ten times the capitalisation of the main cryptocurrencies will be 1.5 trillion dollars in a couple of years. But the index of dominance of Bitcoin drops to 40-46 per cent. In other words, BTC will still remain the main and most secure investment market.

Based on what reasoning anonymous? He argues that “charts don’t lie.” Yes, technical analysis is a very useful tool in predicting prices. However, note that on 4chan every day published dozens of different projections for all occasions. Always analyze a schedule of his own and not rely on someone else’s opinion.


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