An anonymous trader bought 45 bitcoins for $ 14. How did he do it?

Today many kryptomere become unstable due to problems with the cloud platform Amazon Web Services (AWS). The General Director of the largest trading platforms Binance Chanpen Zhao confirmed that users have experienced errors in withdrawals. Instead of fast forwarding coins, many of them you see error page “Internal Server Error 500”.

What happened to the Internet?

Amazon Web Services is a commercial public cloud developed by Amazon in 2006. This platform is actively supported and is the most popular solution for building infrastructure — that is, virtual servers and storage resources — all over the world.

Today the service is experiencing technical difficulties that significantly affect the normal operation of the exchanges. Chanpen Zhao reported on the problems with the withdrawals and also assured all that the team Binance is closely monitoring the situation. Here is his tweet.

Exchange Kucoin too unstable, on its official website posted information about the problems of the Tokyo AWS region.

Due to overheating several of our machines in the Tokyo AWS region, some exchange services are not yet available. Engineering Department currently addresses this issue.

Co-founder at Primitive Ventures Davie Wang said via Twitter that a certain number of cripture shows inaccurate data for many trading pairs of coins.

Many exchanges in the Asian region displays incorrect prices of cryptocurrencies. If you have a standing order for the purchase of crypts for a very low cost, they could be performed.

Wang attached a screenshot of the completed trade order to one of the platforms. It turns out that the unknown lucky managed to purchase 45 of bitcoins at a price of 32 cents. In other words, the purchase cost him approximately 14.4 USD. At the current rate BTC trader can sell coins approximately 466 thousand dollars. Its net profit from this transaction is equal to almost half a million dollars!

The screenshot was originally published in the Telegram chat exchange BitMax. However, it is not clear whether this deal was done on it BitMax. In the history of trading platform CITEX is another good buy — a few bitcoins in just 35 cents.

Source: Twitter

By the way, when making orders with as low a purchase price graph of Bitcoin draws a long shadow over one of the candles.

Source: Coindesk

In this Step van has confirmed that buyers of cheap bitcoins had to withdraw coins to wallet, that is, the exchange will not have time to do anything.

Amazon representatives said that the root of the problem with their servers was found and soon the specialists will restore the normal operation of the cloud service.

Source: Coindesk

The data confirmed the representatives of the Binance. Staff will return the exchange to normal operation mode. Conclusions and deposits gradually start.

The conclusion from this situation: the human factor even in the life of cryptocurrency. Imagine how would your life changed due to the purchase of 45 bitcoins for a penny? Most likely, you would have already chosen a brand new Porsche, and not read this article.

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