An American company accused responsible in Huawei of stealing trade secrets

The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday, citing court documents that the company emerging in the field of electronic chips in Silicon Valley accused the vice chairman of the board of Directors of the company Huawei Chinese (Eric Shaw) participating in a conspiracy to steal its secrets commercial.

Reported to the Press that the company “sync Labs” CNEX Labs claimed that Huawei was involved in the conspiracy stretched for years aimed at stealing technology storage computer solid state drive SSD, with the assistance of the Chinese University.

The company CNEX – based in the state of California, USA – on the development of technology to improve the performance of solid state drives in data centers, which is facing legal dispute with Huawei since 2017.

And the American company Huawei to renew professor, Chinese University working on a research project to get incorrectly to the technical work of the company arising on its development.

According to the WSJ, it has adopted the lawyers Huawei that Xu was under “the chain of command that requested” information on CNEX, but they have denied that the company had stolen any trade secrets.

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It is indicated that this is not the only case that accuses the company Huawei seeking to steal trade secrets from an American company, as she’s accused of stealing the details of the robot selection of smart phones from the company “T-Mobile” T-Mobile, as they are accused of stealing trade secrets and intellectual properties to deliver a bottle of smart phones from the semiconductor company “was since” Akhan Semiconductor.

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