An agreement between Apple and the largest service providers (Simpy Mac) to fix screens for iPhone

Stress Apple repair screen for iPhone, where require repair screens, smart phones, special machines, and wait for the customer more than 10 days to repair its screen, so in the Apple Store, which is not available in all areas, in the United States.

And is Simpy Mac from the largest service provider of Apple in the United States, while caught between them, some skirmishes, in relation to the reform of the screens for iPhone, unofficially of several months, especially in areas where there are no Apple stores, the same price imposed by the company on its customers.

The Agreement is to provide Simpy Mac in Mechanics special to fix the screens, while the fixed unofficially, the lost device feature fingerprint sensor, in addition to face detection.

The agreement provides the Simpy Mac with your hardware, repair screens, in 30 stores of its chain of 50 stores in the United States, at which time the available machines in 5 locations just for the company at the current time.

It seems the price of repair screen for iPhone from a modern version like the iPhone 8 plus for$ 169, the price of repair screen for iPhone × 279$, so after raising Apple’s price of$ 20 last year.

It seems this step will be the number of customers who turn to fix their phones, via a third party is not licensed from Apple, which for all cases, the phone loses some of its properties President, due to the lack of machines, will be available to the centers of the elements over a larger area to provide effort and time on the consumer.

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