Amy requests a permit to test self-driving cars in the streets of California

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وايمو تطلب تصريح لاختبار سيارات ذاتية القيادة بدون قائد بشوارع كاليفورنيا

The company progressed and Amy Waymo -specialized in the development of the technology of self-driving at Google – apply for a permit to use self-driving cars “without having a real driver as safe inside” in the streets of the state of California, USA. According to the newspaper San Francisco Chronicle, the company intends to launch a normal car, mini van on the streets of the area of Mountain View, California.

Recall that the company and Amy, a subsidiary of alphabet –the parent company of Google – tests are already self-driving cars in Phoenix Arizona-American, as announced in some of the clips video is promotional not during the past month. As to the company and Amy is the second charge to get approval from the management of vehicles in the state of California to test its technology on public roads.

Was California had begun in early April to grant statements allows companies to test the cars not only without the presence of a real person seat driving as a safety net for in case of Emergency, but also without having any kind of mechanisms driving a traditional car, its like driving pedals. But until now, the company is committed to the model of the car Chrysler mini-van.

Some consider these statements is the type of risk at least at the current time and after the famous case of a collision car, uber self-driving one of the passers-by as well as the accident of one of my cars Tesla motors which are used for the technical Assistant to the commander –coupled with a true leader – to reduce the rate of car accidents. Amazing that both cars had the real person driving the car to the side of the driving techniques of self-their own, but in case the first wasn’t the middle of the road as shown by the cameras and the situation in the death of a passer-by in the second case was the commander of the vehicle died without revoking his driving techniques self. Are currently under investigation in the two cases.

Around the case says John cravo, President of the Board of management of Waimea that such incidents were not provide with the policies of Waimea. “We are confident that our technology is strong and can act in the positions of the blocks you”. The Waimea has begun testing self-driving cars since 2009, which is the second company that get permits to test its systems with a leader of real drive. As their policies have cut 5 million miles on the road to test their technology.

We will have the next period for a new in the industry that aspiring leaders to achieve billions of dollars when it’s launched. As they see it will solve the great problems of transportation as well as to assess the rate of road accidents in the future.

Amy requests a permit to test self-driving cars in the streets of California

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