Amino the best app to share your interest and your thoughts with others as a trophy. the world is like!

Definitely don’t find it to share your interests, it happens with the majority, especially if you’re of the younger age group, and there are many solutions to it and one application aminu, which may cause you heard it before but you didn’t give the opportunity.

Societies of the Amino

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The way this application is in the range of options that will provide what the user is looking for, you can considered as a group of applications, each dedicated to a particular such as: anime, or football, or even play your favorite video like: Minecraft or Fortnite for example, but there are app basic Amino where the user can access all topics in one application. The app is available for Android and iOS.

Applications interface with three basic options, and explore to explore, in my communities, and Headlines which includes the latest news and topics through the choices you can select according to your interest.

The option of exploring, you can find a society, so that the latter featuring an image and a short description is not available, which makes it choice and control easy and fun.

Also there is the option of community my which includes all the communities in just one place, and all that to access and navigate between them.

The establishment, is also one of the options that you can build a community of your own and invite others to share pictures and everything about a topic.

One of the advantages of the app, and although it boasts many things through a very elegant design, however, matter owners call slow so that the smooth facade. Also the GIF images that are animated load quickly, adding to the discrimination of groups through colors and pictures, as chat rooms are full of life thanks to the style of messaging simple and some of the drawings and which provides ease in communication.

Application features

– Discovery and search for products of interest to you
– Chat with people who have the same interests from around the world
– Watch videos, read blogs, and share your favorites
– Publish your blogging, polls, and more
– Get the latest news and information about your own interests
– Customize your profile and attract followers

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