American first ever solo across Antarctica

American Explorer and adventurer Colin O Brady became the first man in history who was able to cross Antarctica alone. His campaign ended on December 26, when O Brady reached the final point of destination – the Ross ice shelf. About a difficult but successful campaign, which lasted 54 days, according to Business Insider, who took interviews from daredevil. About your progress O Brady shared via his page in Instagram.

The publication reports that thirty-year-old adventure seeker walked 1,500 miles across the southernmost continent to ski without resupply, so all the essential traveler was carrying a large sledge. All who O Brady tried alone to cross Antarctica eventually gave up or were killed in transit. An even greater admiration is the fact that instead of 70 days was originally designed days, he reached the final point of 16 days earlier, that is in just 54 days. This allowed him to circumvent the British Explorer Louis Rudd, who at the same time O Brady, but his route also was trying to set a record. When Thursday O Brady reached the finish line, Rudd was still 8 miles from their finish point on the Leverett glacier.

At the start the weight of the sled O Brady was 180 pounds. Among the things they had taken with them were a tent, sleeping bag, camera, satellite phone, and 14 kilograms of fuel for the stove, which a traveler preparing meals. By the way, the main part of the weight of the sleigh just had to eat with them O Brady took about 100 kilograms of various supplies, which enabled him to survive in the harsh conditions of Antarctica for more than two months.

“I had to count every calorie that I put in his sleigh, because every calorie added weight to this sled. We had to choose the most high-calorie foods, but at the same time to ensure that their weight was minimal,” said O Brady in an interview with Business Insider.

Since the task was to minimize the weight of the marching reserves, the diet of the traveler consisted of oatmeal, freeze-dried food, soup in bags, and energy bars. O Brady says that for fresh produce of the place just left.

“I ate the same food in the same sequence every day,” says the traveler.

Each new day begins with the boiling water for oatmeal, which O Brady added a special powder that contains proteins and fats. After that, every 90 minutes he had consumed about 500 calories in the form of energy bars containing ground nuts, palm oil and other ingredients. What energy bars are his main source of calories in this campaign, said the extreme.

“Every gram of food I put in the sled must really be worth it. Any excess here should allow that”, said O Brady journalists Business Insider before heading camping.

Day O Brady ate instant noodles and a few servings of vegetable protein. With the onset of the evening before him stood a choice of four canned foods (favorite was Chile). In addition, he drank four cups of instant soup chicken noodle. As a result, overall daily consumption of calories could reach 7000.

“Despite the fact that the last 32 hours had been the most difficult challenge in my life, I believe that this time was one of the best moments I’ve ever experienced,” said O Brady.

“The whole trip I is in the streaming state of mind, completely focused on the end goal and at the same time, constantly thinking about what lessons gives me this journey.”

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