American companies of the tech industry are looking to move manufacturing outside of China

Not Apple alone who is looking for an alternative to non-Chinese, even a company industry the case of America such as Dell, Microsoft and Amazon were thinking the same thing especially with the growing trade war between the two countries.

Of course, such a move risks and costs of large, so be gradual, according to the source, Dell and HP are looking to transfer 30% of the production of laptops outside of China, so will Microsoft with Xbox and Amazon with computer the Kindle tablet and the Echo.

Seems to be a war China will affect American companies only, but the source indicates that Asus and Acer of Taiwan as well as looking for the country of manufacture of the alternative.

The main reason which pushes these companies for manufacturing outside of China is the customs fee gonna do it United States increased by 25% on Chinese products imported by the US $ 200 million from electronic devices.

By increasing tariffs for tablets and smart phones and games, they will become more expensive adversely affects its sales within the largest and most important market for these devices.

Join these companies to reports earlier talked about the intention of Nintendo to parking to transfer manufacture of the devices switch and outside of China.

The destination of alternative, non-information, but it certainly will be within the South East Asian countries being offered the best solutions of available labor and cheap and the geographical location of China.

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