America back for the war on Chinese companies and the prohibition of its phones and products

Was scheduled to enter Huawei to the U.S. market during January, except that the telecommunications companies of America canceled its agreement with it at the last minute after pressure the Senate and the people of Maker phones Chinese disappointed after that which is evident in the words of Richard day, chief executive of the company, except that things are about to get worse. Where offers Michael kunal my MP as soon as the US House of Representatives member of the Republican Party law prohibits the use of the United States with Huawei and ZTE in full and any company that uses their equipment for security reasons. Huawei several years ago-sharing charges as a threat to US National Security, same time with ZTE, where he claims that both companies their relationship is close with the Chinese government and that may pose a threat to the national security of the country. Is still the law in its initial stages, you may need traffic as soon as the house and Senate as well as approved by the President of Donald Trump, but this news means that the U.S. government returned to war against the Chinese companies which is bad news for them all, especially the Chairman of Huawei. Read also: Huawei attacked the telecommunications companies American mother after the cancellation of the agreement last minute In the meantime, the reports also confirmed that the US Department of Commerce “looking” the operations of Huawei in Syria, Cuba, Iran and Sudan. As the third largest Maker in the world of smart phones and the largest vendor address Communications, the American market is very important for Huawei to increase its revenues, especially from flagship phones trying to spy on the Samsung, but it seems that it will be elusive for some time. Source: Tech Crunch

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