AMD used to reveal the architecture of the Navi in the E3 conference 2019

The latest leaks to the plans of AMD to detect new architectural Navi during a conference to be held in the events of E3 the year 2019.


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Revealed Red Gaming Tech and OC3D about the plans of AMD to detect the architecture of the Navi in the month of July of 2019, having been postponed the official announcement about the New Republic during the financial period.

Has confirmed Lisa Su recently that the company is on its way to reveal the architecture of its new Navi in 2019, as confirmed leaks that the company was optimistic that already contain the results of new architectural so far, so expected to apply in the events of the upcoming E3.

Come Navi to support the next versions of disaster to the screen with the category of medium to low, which aims to rival the GTX 1070 Ti and RTX 2060, it is also expected to provide architectural Navi that support the possible versions through 2020, so may be Architecture Navi New new alternative may Polaris current.

Recall that there are a lot of details not apparent from the architecture of the new Navi in the current time, indicating some expectation that the New Republic compete performance Ryzen, so we expect more details with its official about the new architecture from AMD.


I know of

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