AMD unveils the second generation of processors Threadripper price starts from 1399 to $

The company announced the AMD for the second generation of processors Ryzen Threadripper, which focuses on the accuracy of manufacture of the 7 are, with the architecture “Zen 2”, with improvements in performance and the price starts from 1399 dollars.

Offer AMD processor TR 3960X with 24 of the nuclei with the speed of the main 3.8 GHz, also offer Wizard TR 3970X with number 32 of the nuclei with the speed of the main 3.7 GHz, as the speed up with the boost to 4.5 GHz.

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How come all of my chip TR 3960X TR 3970X with slices TRX40 of AMD, with 72 PCIe 4.0 lanes, with the support of 12 منUSB-C 3.1, the second generation of appropriate criteria for ultra-high speed up to 10 GB per second.

Targeting AMD with new processors with a motherboard supporting the developers of the content, where it supports the largest number of nuclei with the highest frequency in the PCIe 4.0 players significantly, has been known processors Threadripper often it does not provide performance better in games.

Also confirm the AMD to that processor Ryzen TR 3970X will decrypt software Adobe Premiere CC 2019 increased by greater than 47%, while The comes processor 3960X cost the least, with a top speed of 22% of the Intel chip.

And all of my chip AMD consumes energy capacity of 280W TDP, at which time come when Chip i9-9980XE from Intel consumes energy capacity of 165W TDP.

It is scheduled to apply a chip Ryzen RT 3960X Threadripper at a price of 1399 USD, while come chip TR 3970X 32 offset from the nuclei at a price of $ 1999.


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