AMD unveils graphics card to say a Radeon Pro WX 8200, the cost of 1000$


Why is the manufacture of all card graphics are equal. While many people associate the cards graphic games, it can actually use the cards graphics for other things, too, such as editing and processing videos. And for those who are looking for a graphics card powerful for the purposes of the work without spending too much money, you might be interested in the product the latest from AMD.

In fact, I’ve had AMD recently detects the Graphics Card AMD Radeon Pro WX 8200 which has a price tag of $ 1,000. Of course, a thousand dollars is the price at which you may refuse. a lot of people, but when you consider the price that company is asking AMD for the Graphics Card AMD Radeon Pro WX 9100, they are much cheaper. It can be compared with the Graphics Card Quadro P4000 from the company Nvidia which means that if your budget is within this range, you have some options to choose from.

Graphics card AMD Radeon Pro WX 8200 the new AMD a-core 14 nm, and also provide strong performance reported 10.8 teraflops. But in terms of memory random VRAM, the Graphics Card New will with 8GB knowing that the Graphics Card AMD Radeon Pro WX9100 come with 16GB of RAM VRAM. According to the Director General of the Department of graphics at AMD, Mr. Ogi Brkic, he has stated by saying : ” professionals can unleash their creativity in full with architectural Vega in the heart of the Graphics Card Radeon Pro WX 8200 “.

He added : ” if the graphics card is new and this would allow for improved cooperation between distant opportunities with virtual reality, the creation of cinematic experiences new and exciting and their creations with ease, and all at an incredible price “.


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