AMD announces the first processor games in the world powered by 16 kernel

AMD تعلن عن أول معالج ألعاب في العالم مدعوم بـ 16 نواة

In a proactive step, the company AMD American Declaration on the first processor in the world class games with 16 windows, where came the company’s announcement about her therapist Ryzen 9 3950X through its participation in the fair. e E3.

Be AMD this step you may jump ahead the provider class is the best in processors games fun of the processors eight nuclear, and those other MY the author of the 12-core, they also also making progress in the face of competitors and try to beat her rival fierce in this area Intel.

In Noah, the company’s CEO, Lisa Su to the ability of the processor to high where the UP frequency to 4.7 GHz in accordance with the speed of data transfer up to 72 Mbytes in a second memory cache, where it will be available to the processor Ryzen 9 3950X in the month of September at a price of 749 USD.

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