Amazon’s challenge to the specification of the tablet Fire 7 without raising the price about $ 50

Amazon announced the updated tablet Fire 7 where it added a faster processor and double the storage space with support for external memory cards and try new colors without changing its price is relatively cheap at $ 49.99.

The new tablet works with a quad core processor at 1.3 GHz with a memory storage capacity of 16 GB and support external memory cards with a capacity of 512 GB. As the name indicates, it is screen of 7 inches with a resolution of 1,024*600 pixels, there are two cameras of the parties, and its battery is enough for seven hours of continuous use.

Calling this tablet’s Audio Plugin Alexa, without the need to press any button to activate it, but just enough to pronounce the name Alexa. Allows access to all of Amazon’s services and their own applications and content.

Will allow the new tablet to buy in 6 June and is available today for pre-order in the colors black, green, red, Petroleum. Despite its cheap price, Amazon’s offering also credit $ 10 to buy apps and games from the store in case of buying a tablet within the period of the advance request.

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