Amazon working to support Alexa’s place (News anchor)

أمازون تعمل على دعم أليكسا بوضع (مذيع الأخبار)

As usual, not the implementation of the company Amazon on the development of the services provided by her assistant voice recognition on a voice command directed at Alexa, the last what police are working on now is to support Alexa place to read news and articles in a way less what can be said about it professional; they are just hearing the sound you can study the differences between the conditions of the previous verification assistant and news anchor who is working on the company which will go public later, maybe in the coming weeks.

She explained to Amazon that the voice of the new Alexa is the outputs of the further technical development NTTS of the company and competent to improve the pronunciation of words in line with nervous anticipation during the leadership of Alex talking, and where you think this technique of tools to the second generation of speech synthesis in a quick manner and the.

And adopt the methods of modern new aid sound mainly on artificial intelligence techniques and machine learning self-fitting syllable, which means that we are in the process of significant transformation in the coming years maybe we can’t differentiate between the reaction of the Alexa and its audio on a certain event and the reaction of a real human, perhaps the following audio own style of speech articles and news Alexa will give you a glimpse of what I meant:


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