Amazon will reveal its financial results for the second quarter revenue of $ 70 million

Announced the Amazon company announced its financial results for the third quarter of fiscal year 2019, which achieved revenues of $ 70 million, and net income of $ 2.1 million, and achieved a per share profit of 4.23 million, compared to revenues of $ 56.6 million and net income of $ 2.9 million and earnings per share 5.75 dollars in the same quarter of last year.

Up North American sales by 24% to $ 42.6 million, while up international sales increased by 18% to $ 18.3 million, and the company continued AWS in growth, with sales increasing by 35% to reach $ 9 billion.

The work of the ad company is up is increased by 44% revenues amounted to $ 3.6 million, which became Amazon compete with large ad companies of and know a lot about what customers want to buy and the things you don’t want through machine learning techniques.

With the advent of the Christmas season, said Chief Executive Jeff Bezos that they are working hard to make this season the best ever for customer service Prime, which offers millions of products recommendations free for one day, indicating that the “day Prime” is the day you have more shopping to the store, and have exceeded last year’s sales event Black Friday sales.

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