Amazon will provide the package to the trunk of your car !



In the past year have made Amazon a new service to deliver parcels to the inside of the home user without the, Today offered a new idea they deliver the package to the inside of the trunk of the car also without you there.

And used Amazon in the service of its previous cameras and locks smart connected to the Internet to see the arrival of the employee to open the door and make sure of his identity, and then closing after his departure. Today Amazon will use the simplest techniques available in many modern cars.

Signed Amazon partnership agreement with my company, General Motors and Volvo will provide its service in 37 US cities starting today.

The beginning of the service available to Prime only – no more than 100 million subscribers – and anyone who has a GM car or Volvo that hinder its models to 2015 the latest where have my service OnStar or Volvo on Call, according to police.

In order to use the service you should add your car to the application of the Amazon Key and a description of it shows it can be about other cars similar, as you must Park the car at the address in the Amazon account and put private addresses such as a garage or a public street, it is important to be specific and not randomly within the city.

And at any moment during the shipping the package, you can cancel style plug to the car and choose another address, and depend Amazon on geographical location according to GPS drive and the definition of it and its image.

Must be the expulsion of relatively small size and the seller is Amazon store and not a third party, where not covered by the service after the value of the package is less than $ 1,300.

While Amazon will this service with these two firms for two years, coming under this Agreement, except that there are more brands of cars that will contract with the company and will be followed by more later.

Of course I don’t think car manufacturers and Amazon to achieve any profits or charge additional fees for this new form of delivery over the next two years being an initial experiment and if proven successful in future may charge a fee.


The Amazon will provide the package to the trunk of your car ! Appeared first on the tech world.

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