Amazon unveils new lineup of devices, and Ring smart, glasses and smart


The company Amazon today launched a new batch of devices, Amazon Echo Series supported by the digital assistant Alexa. However, it remains the machine most important in this new line is the server intelligent Amazon Echo Loop, and has this server on the smartphone built-in microphone, amplifier, battery able to work for the whole day.

You can access the digital assistant Alexa on this server smart by just one click. You can use this server smartphone to make calls and Control Your Home smart and do everything to provide his skills to the Alexa increasing constantly. At night, you can put the server this smart on the base to be charged.


The cost of a copy Day 1 Edition of the intelligent Server Amazon Echo Loop is about 130 USD, while the regular version is $ 180 USD.

Amazon Echo Frames


In the case if you are not interested in the server intelligent Amazon Echo Loop, you can choose the smart glasses Amazon Echo Frames. Just to be clear, these glasses do not work similarly for Google Glass, there is no fact enhanced in these glasses the latest from the Amazon company. These new glasses from Amazon able to make calls, scheduling alerts, and add things to the list of tasks, etc. from other things.


Thanks to the large battery and large, you can listen to audio data in the outdoors. Version Day1 Edition cost $ 180, while the cost of the regular version $ 250.

Amazon Echo Buds


Might be Headphones Amazon Echo Buds wireless device is the most practical among the three, but not at the same level of the future, these wireless headphones are a new designed to take the digital assistant Alexa into account. These new headsets is to provide five hours of Use note that the cargo tray, special protective it can extend the battery life of the heavens to 20 hours with the knowledge that only 15 minutes of charging on the level of enclosure is enough to prevent you two hours of listening to music.

Enjoy headphones Amazon Echo Buds some vocal skills are terrible, they are the speakers of the double and three microphones with noise-cancellation technology from the company Bose. You can ask Amazon Echo Buds run everything from audio books, audio to play songs from Apple Music.


Amazon didn’t make its organs closed off from third-party service, they provide users with the possibility to call the Google Assistant or Siri if they prefer. The cost of Amazon Echo Buds the equivalent of $ 130 USD and will be released on today October 30.

Amazon Echo Show 8


Amazon Echo Show 8 is smart screen size 8 inch display lets you view the daily chart, and show who is at the door through the camera Ring, and even run TV shows and movies. To listen to the music, there are two speakers the size of 2 inch with the knowledge that each speaker has a power of 10W.

In addition to the Services, Other Music, the device supports Amazon Echo Show 8 new also service Amazon Music New HD. This smartphone screen will be $ 200, and will be released on the seventh day of November next.

Amazon Echo Flex


Finally, there is the Amazon Echo Flex, a blaster Smart Health deals with as the. This is designed for narrow spaces where there is no place to put a speaker, just connect it will be on the wall.

He has also a USB port at the bottom, which you can use to charge your phone firmly 7.5 W. instead, you can connect accessories.

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