Amazon store know again devices Google Chromecast for sale officially


Are Amazon and Google among the largest technology companies in the world at the moment, so it is not surprising that they see each other as competitors. In fact, both companies wrestle with each other when Google decided to pull the YouTube from the smart speakers Amazon Echo, a subsidiary of Amazon, prompting the company to Amazon later to remove some of the Google products from a store its official on the internet.

The good news is that it seems that both companies have put their differences aside because the Reverb now that Amazon are now displaying some Google products are officially for sale at stores in their official web, including the second generation of the device, Google Chromecast, Google Chromecast Ultra, both of which are available now for purchase directly from the Amazon store.

Was Google products previously available on the Amazon store, despite the fact that these products belong to some groups only, such as Google PixelBook and Google Pixel Slate, along with other related accessories at Google. It is not clear why the company has stopped the Amazon from display devices Google Chromecast for sale, and continue to offer products to other Google for sale, but in either case, if you are looking to buy devices Google Chromecast from Amazon store, it has become you can now.

Google is not the first technology company to have some trouble with Amazon. In the past, had Amazon and Apple TV also runner small led to the removal of the devices Apple TV from the Amazon store, but has been fixed relationship between the two companies in the end in the year 2017.



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