Amazon set to sell the Chromecast at its stores after 3 years of

أمازون تعيد بيع كروم كاست على متاجرها بعد 3 سنوات من التوقف

After Amazon since 2015 for sale the Chromecast your stream content from Google on its stores of electronic, the company has returned to again sell the device so after about a year of her promise to put it, which is what makes it good news for those interested in the purchase of the device easily around the world.

Was Amazon has announced a resolution in 2015 to stop the sale of any streaming device does not support the service of her prime, broadcast content, is a matter which stopped on him about selling the Chromecast; the truth is that Amazon itself was moving to devices that can display on the Prime service, and in that time I did not Google licensed to display the Prime service on the Chromecast which led to stop selling it.

It considered that step twisted from Amazon time to highlight the devices to broadcast the content and specifically the organs of the Fire TV, so that no other devices on the App Store will help significantly in convincing the user to buy it.

But what is important now is the possibility of buying the Chromecast via the App Store priced at$ 35 the proportion of the second generation, the price of 69$ to copy the ultra.

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