Amazon set a new record in sales and subscription services Prime during the holidays

Announced Amazon it has achieved a new record in its sales and subscribe to their services during the period of malfunction the end of the year, reaching a number of last year, which Kat thinks record for the same period, where the company added that it received tens of millions of member of the procurement services Prime at both the trial and paid the price, as well as their arrival record is the last in the wholesale of its devices where it was headed Amazon Dot which is the reason behind the issue sales of its low price as well as the protection of deductions made by Amazon the number of devices included.

The police said that all of the devices eco وFire TV was on the top of the list best-selling which also included device Amazon tablet Fire devices sign her Kindle had high demand from buyers as well as for home video camera Ring Video Doorbell 2 and a TP-Link Kasa Smart number of smart devices and other small.

Was Amazon has revealed for the first time on the number of participants in different categories to serve the Prime last April where they stated that the number of memberships with paid subscriptions exceeded the barrier of 100 million subscribers globally, after the announcement of this and received tens of millions of contributions in the service of her prime, is expected to increase the pace of procurement services of the company by 30%-40% annually according to analysts, this is due mostly to the work of the police, diligent to expand its services in New countries always which was most recently Australia, Singapore and the Netherlands.

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