Amazon reveal robot plug Amazon Scout small size, 6 wheels

أمازون تكشف عن روبوت التوصيل Amazon Scout بحجم صغير و6 عجلات

Announced Amazon is about enter the world of robot delivery self-driving detects Amazon Scout that comes with 6 wheels and developed by the company to carry out deliveries near the museums, a robot runs entirely on electricity.

As is apparent from the video with the Amazon Scout down, they work smoothly, where are placed the purchases inside of her and then going on the footpath to reach its destination and then tells the buyer to take the package from them.

Did you know Amazon about any details about the Android work, but it seems that the user can open the box through the application of his phone don’t even get changed, then come back on the same road to the place of his exit.

The company says it will begin work with 6 vehicles Amazon Scout will be escorted by staff members of the company at the present time to ensure its being in a testing phase, as it will be available in polka dots Snohomish in Washington at the current time.

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