Amazon rejects the recommendation of her fans to the development of laws to regulate the use of face recognition system

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In the response from the Amazon to the pressure imposed during the financial period by the committees of legal and civil rights protection which came on the back of sale of its face recognition systems bodies, government agencies, the company has sent its proposals for enacting in the United States for legitimizing the use of the system by Rekognition without violation of civil rights to ensure it is not misused.

In a blog published by Amazon has developed a set of five conditions in order to allow those bodies to use and to be use within the limits that do not violate the liberties and civil rights and its adoption as the head of a single in the identification during the investigations; they also need to develop regulations and observations of the library and when using it via video in public places, it also recommends the need to issue periodic reports to take into account transparency and clarify the mechanism to use with its adoption by 99 percent in identification.

The company was Microsoft promised not to sell their technology to the contours of the face of government bodies earlier than last year to avoid the violation of the rights of plaintiffs and to avoid misuse in response with the commission and the human rights which demanded the cessation of the sale its for these reasons, to cool that Amazon today has modified its behavior in this direction after a pressure campaign from foreign institutions of civil society, the interior of which was raising a large number of its employees to the idea of this sale.

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